helicopter? helicopter.

Being in the business of telling stories with my camera, let me tell you the story of one of my best friends from high school getting engaged.

On Sunday, October 16th, Karli Kucko was taking a nap on her couch during a lazy Sunday afternoon in Stillwater, America. She was rudely awakened by the doorbell, but opened the door to find her mom. Tara, Karli's mom, came with several different dresses and a note that said "Today's the day." Tara told Karli she had an hour to pick out a dress and get ready. After picking out a dress and getting ready, she walked outside and got in the car with her mom. Tara drove Karli around Stillwater and made her way to the Stillwater airport. Confused, Karli got out of the car and walked inside to be greeted by a pilot. He asked if she was ready and proceeded to walk Karli out to a helicopter. Once she gets in the helicopter, she is given a laptop with a video made about her relationship with Vincent. 


Vincent and I are anxiously awaiting her arrival in Tulsa with the guys from News Channel 8. (click on the arrows to see more pictures!)

Look at this ring! 


She is flying along, but makes a trip around Tulsa first. On top of the OneGas building, Vincent has written:

After she flies around downtown, we hear her approach the News 8 helipad, where Vincent, the videographers, and I are waiting.

Vincent then approached the helicopter to help Karli get out. Unfortunately, they had to wait for the rotors to slow down. In that time, my position was given away! Scroll over to see Karli give me a wave.

After getting out of the helicopter, they walked over to a table and chair that Vincent had set up where he read a letter and proceeded to wash her feet. 

When the big moment approached, Karli was so excited she could barely stand it!

The Proposal: "A Little Less Ryan Reynolds and a Little More Vincent Sorrentino"

Look at the joy!

We got some pictures in (one where Karli is walking over to say hi to me) before they headed off.

After the proposal, they got in a limo and headed off for the rest of the adventure! As they drove along, they pulled into a random Quik Trip parking lot where they were joined by some friends.

I followed them to The Tavern, where I joined them in the limo, and we drove for a little while longer and ended up at our final destination.

One of my favorite pictures I've ever taken.

Our final destination was the Prairie Brew Pub, which happened to be closed for an engagement party! How convenient.

What an opportunity. Love is great. Congrats, Vincent and Karli!