"We only have what we remember."

- "Wooden Heart" by Listener


I love memories. I love stories. I love the pursuit of figuring out the "why." I love helping people understand who they are and who God made them to be. I love taking pictures and making videos.

I picked up my mom's camera when I was in high school and just started shooting. I took pictures of leaves on the trees, lots of walls, occasionally people, but never thought anything would come of it. I lived in Florida for a summer and decided to take videos everywhere I went. So, I put together my first video (my, how far we have come since then!) and caught someone's attention. He asked me to take videos at Life.Church and I said sure! The rest is history.

Since beginning this adventure, I've grown a passion for telling stories and documenting people's lives. Whether it's a spontaneous photoshoot, videoing a wedding, or capturing unspeakable joy through baptism and a relationship with Jesus Christ, I almost always have my camera. Jesus is the source of my joy. I love all things Oklahoma State; Go Pokes! 

If you ever want an adventure or a cup of coffee, let me know. 

All photos on this site were taken by Jake Meyer.