Grant and Kaci

September 29th, 2016 

I get a knock on my door and I open it to see one of my neighbors. I invite him in and he begins with small talk, but quickly moves on to the real topic of conversation.

"Well, Jake, I've got a business proposal for you if you're available."

"Well, Grant, you're getting engaged, aren't you?"

". . . yes, I am."

And that's how I got this fantastic opportunity.

October 15, 2016

I head down from Stillwater to go to Lake Arcadia. I pull up and see nobody, which is kind of confusing. "Isn't there a proposal happening today...?" but Grant and his friend Evan show up shortly thereafter. We unload props and sentimental items and wait. As we're waiting, Evan gets a phone call from his fiancé, Kaci's cousin, Ashlyn, who says, "Evan! Your truck broke down in the Henderson Hills parking lot. The hood is smoking. What do we do?

After troubleshooting and getting another car there, we wait. (scroll to the right to see more pictures!) 

Kaci arrives in a different car and Grant walks out to greet her, where they then walk over to his setup. 

Then, he went on to letters that others had written for Kaci. He was extremely thoughtful of the day, gathering notes and letters from her closest friends.

Grant then walked through Ephesians 5 with Kaci before reading her a letter he had written to her.

Finally, the big moment arrives.

I think it's safe to say she gave a resounding "Yes!"

We took some more pictures before they headed off to Braums, because where else would you go after getting engaged?

Congrats, Grant and Kaci!